Who I am

Hi! My name’s David, I live in Lyon, France, and I'm a programmer. After spending nearly nine years with Booking.com as a senior dev, I decided to take a step back and fly solo. Trying to explore new things, and to put my experience to good use. That could be data engineering, training, process improvement, anything. I like getting things done.

What I do

Big Data

Hadoop, Hive, Oozie and all the rest. My daily lot for the last four years. Love/hate relationship with a big stack that changes so many things in computing, data, and the real world.


I don’t know how the dev method I’ve worked with is called. A bit of scrum, then devops, I suppose. Flexible goals. Cut the right corners. Communicate. Think a little longer to save time.


Perl’s dead, of course -for everyone except for those who use it all day and don’t talk about it so much. Because they’re busy making tons of stuff that run and get the job done.